cell phones and mobile phone for life and style cell phones and mobile phone for life and style
cell phones and mobile phone for life and style
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A Tough Phone for Tough Jobs
Get the job done right with the SANYO SCP-7050, featuring an ultra-rugged design that adheres to Military Standard 810F for dust, shock and vibration. The SCP-7050 also offers a tough rubber Dura-Grip®, Bluetooth® wireless technology and built-in GPS, supporting optional location based services (LBS) including navigation, tracking and management applications.
GPS Capable

Rugged Design

  • Adheres to Military Standard 810F for dust, shock and vibration
  • Textured, anti-slip rubber Dura-Grip® for a sure hold and extra surface protection

GPS Capable

  • Autonomous GPS
  • Java MVM enabled; supports simultaneous operation of multiple Java applications
  • Supports advanced GPS applications such as Sprint Navigation™, Actsoft™ Comet Tracker™, Gearworks etrace®, TeleNav Track™, Xora and others*


Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

  • Bluetooth profiles: GAP, SPP, DUN, HFP, HFP 1.5, HSP, GOEP, OPP, BPP

Security Features

  • Limit Use — A great business management tool, the Limit Use feature allows you to pre-determine the allowed incoming and/or outgoing phone numbers. Also can be used to restrict Sprint Vision and/or Sprint Ready Link usage.
  • Remote Lock — If your SCP-7050 is ever lost or stolen, you can erase important personal information (such as contacts, call history, and messages) and lock the phone remotely from any computer using a special SMS text message sent through the Sprint website.

Wireless Backup capable

  • With Wireless Backup enabled, the SCP-7050 automatically stores a backup of your Contacts to a secure location on the Sprint web site.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, Wireless Backup quickly restores your Contacts to the replacement phone without keying in the entries
  • Also offers an easy, Web-based method of adding and maintaining contacts

Sprint Ready Link® capable

  • Nationwide walkie-talkie-style communication
  • Communicate one-to-one or with groups of up to 5 other Ready Link users (6 total)

Sprint Vision® capable

  • Browse the Web (WAP 2.0 browser)
  • Access web email and instant messaging services
  • Download applications, games, ringers, and screensavers

Phone as Modem

With Sprint SmartView and the required Sprint Power Vision service plan, the SCP-7050 can be used as a mobile modem for your laptop using an optional USB cable or Bluetooth

  • Connect at broadband-like speeds while within Power Vision coverage areas
  • To download the Sprint SmartView software, please visit: http://www.sprint.com/downloads.

    Other Features 

    • High-quality SANYO speakerphone for hands-free operation (24mm diameter)
    • Dedicated internal and external speakerphone buttons
    • 2.0” QVGA-resolution TFT LCD display (65K-colors)
    • Large, easy-to-read external LCD display -- high contrast for viewing outdoors
    • External “Call List” key — allows you to quickly access and make calls from the Recent Call list without opening the phone
    • 2-way SMS (Text, Voice)
    • Instant Messaging (IM) capable
    • Web-based Email capable (e.g. AOL, MSN, PCS Mail)
    • Voice-activated dialing (up to 30 entries)
    • Caller-ID capability (Number, Picture, Ringer)
    • Call Screening (Pre-recorded or custom 12-second announcement)
    • Voice Recorder (Recording time: up to 3 hours, 52 minutes)
    • Phone Book (500 name entries with 700 total phone numbers, 1000 Email and 500 Web Addresses)
    • Call History
      •     Voice calls: 20 outgoing calls, 20 incoming calls, 20 missed calls
      • Ready Link calls: 20 outgoing calls, 20 incoming calls, 20 missed calls
    • Sprint Radio capable
    • Calendar
    • Alarm Clock
    • World Clock
    • Stop Watch
    • Vibrating Alert
    • T9 Text Input
    • 72-Chord Polyphonic ringers
    • TTY Capable
    • M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Rating
    • Digital Dual-band - 1.9 GHz, 800 MHz

    Excellent Battery Performance

    • Talk Time – Standard Battery: up to 4.4 hours
    • Talk Time – Optional Extended Battery: up to 7.3 hours
      (Battery performance estimates reflect tested CDMA usage. Actual results may vary. )

    Dimensions & Weight

    • Unit Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.6” x 2.0” x 1.1”
    • Unit Weight: 4.1 oz.

    Included Accessories

    • Travel charger
    • Standard SANYO battery (1000 mAh)
    • Holster

    *Sprint Vision®, Sprint Ready Link®, Sprint Wireless Backup and Sprint Radio are available optionally and involve additional charges. GPS applications and services are optional and involve additional charges. Other downloads, applications and services may require additional charges.

  • cell phones and mobile phone for life and style
    cell phones and mobile phone for life and style cell phones and mobile phone for life and style
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